the choices made

But now I say this:o
Remember that you are an animal. You have a soul, but it is housed in a body, and one of your body’s tasks is to protect that soul. Remember your body’s eyes and ears, remember your nose. Look for danger, hear it coming, and recognize what lies beneath that smell. The scent of fear. Remember your teeth. Curl your lips back and expose them, snarl, bite at the air. Remember your nails. Eat lots of calcium to keep them hard and keep them long and sharp. Practice scratching. Your fingers were claws once, remember that. And remember that they can be claws again, and fists too. Hit things. Hit like a mule or run like a horse, but remember, your legs are there to defend you. Remember that a threatened animal makes it self looks bigger, and remember that the thing which threatens you is also an animal. Learn from its example: that it can be hurt. It has been hurt before, it is hurting now, it will hurt you if it can. Remember this, that the capabilities of both your bodies and their mission. Remember the possibilities to which their different parts can be put. Remember and let these memories find expression in your body.Speak them, or they will be taken from you again.o

Ch8 original sin, Laws of enclosures by Dale Peck.

missing my pencils!

i used to draw and design clothes..well i still do, but not as often as before.
these were done ages ago..back in 2001-2004 😦
only the last one is 2008 inspired!

i might upload the guys drawings i have :S

and Yes ..i stopped drawing people with complete face figures!

My work~art~of mine

a.k.a~ RudE
So true!…from The Zahir~paulo coelho