D: sudden realizations

Tell me how deep, is deep

The mirror reflects perfectly; it makes no mistakes because it doesn’t think. To think is to make mistakes.0

On the road to power, there’s no turning back. He would be an eternal slave to the road he’d chosen, and if he did ever realize his dream of abandoning everything, he would plunge immediately into a deep depression.0

Experience has taught me that people only give value to a thing if they have,at some point, been uncertain as to whether or not they’ll get it.0

We’ve all heard about an illness in Central Africa called sleeping sickness. What we should also know is that a similar disease exists that attacks the soul. It’s very dangerous because the early stages often go unnoticed. At the first sign of indifference or lack of enthusiasm, take note! The only preventive against this disease is the realization that the soul suffers, suffers greatly, when we force it to live superficially. The soul loves all things beautiful and deep.0

The above quotes are from The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho, a book I was excited to read and somehow ended up disappointed at. I guess this book was unlike all that I’ve read for Coelho.  But I definitely enjoyed several chapters, the very informative details about the vanity in movie/star making world we only saw on Tv. and movie screens. I liked how deep the book went in exploring/justifying human nature, Coelho sure knows how to deliver some of his spiritual knowledge in his books.0

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