I Wrote This For You Book Review

Earlier this year, I was among the lucky ones who got I Wrote This For You eBook to write a review. I can not describe enough how happy and privileged it made me feel. I’ve been a faithful reader to I Wrote This For You Blog since 2008, it’s the kind of Blog I don’t miss reading a single entry for.0

Honestly, when I started reading the book (I read it twice so far), I wished if I was new to I Wrote This For You. It’s a mix of feelings, thoughts and photographs that makes you want to take a moment and realize that this, what you’re reading/looking at right now, is something so beautiful and sincere you’d think for a second you had thought of it first. If not all I bet you will for at least once !0

The book put on a big smile on my face from the 2nd entry. It was one of my favourite entries (they are many by the way). Why? because the folder I keep my drawings in my PC is named “Call me Art”. So I took the book contains very personally :$0

Really? Yes really. I believe the use of the word “You” makes the book sound personal to whoever reads it. It’s like reading what a dear friend had written for you, you’ll feel like you know where all these thoughts and words are coming from. And although I was familiar with many of the book contains, it felt amazing when sometimes I found my self saying the words by heart.o

This is a book that takes you places; sometimes beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful but it definitely takes you to truths you need to know/read. It’s a very inspiring and a good read, you can open any page at any time and enjoy the photographs along with words that somehow have new meanings every time you read them. It leaves you with questions about life, love and.. well, You!0

I Wrote This For You is a book I’ll give as a gift, gifts should touch hearts right?! this one will do BIG TIME!0

And since I promised to review the book in both English and Arabic languages; here is something I wrote back in 2010 about I Wrote This For You blog in some Arabic forum that no longer exists but am glad I kept it to this day: 0

هذا الانسان صادق لدرجه الشك !
كلماته دائماً ما تدهشني .. لدرجة أني أتمنّى أنني من كتبَ كل ما قال / يقول !


إيان توماس يكتبُ لشخص خيالي سمّاه “أنت” و يُرفِقُ كلماته بصورة إلتقطها صديق له يدعى جون؛
و كثيرٌ مما يكتبه يقول بأنه يكتبه كـ رسائل له هو و يُخاطب فيها نفسه ؛
وبأنه يكتبُ النصيحة أو ما يُريدُ أن يَسمَعَهُ من أحدٍ سواه وقتما يحتاجه ..
و لهذا اخترع شخصية “أنت” =)

لكن أتوقّع بأنه يعرف أن ما يقوله لن يقوله له كما يُريد – أحد – !

يكتبُ إيان ..
و يَصِفُ لي البيت الذي أسكنه /الشارع الذي أخاف أن أعبره /القطار الذي يزدحم بغيري/ الكتاب الذي لم أقرأه/ الشجرة التي لم أجلس تحتها / العالم المُتعب / و يفضحُني أمام نفسي !

I am including the links of the book here: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads.0

Last but not least, I send my grateful Thank You! to @I Wrote This For You and @ireadiwrite for the eBook giveaway 🙂 0

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