B is for Beast, i must confess

I took a test called The Pierley /Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic via StumbleUpon.com. That says in its description :0

This is an exploration of your brain’s affective response system. Nonverbal, emotional reactions to shape tableau will target the portion of your brain that is intuitive and pre-lingual. The associated questions should be answered without tying theses shapes to any narrative or storyline. These shapes are based on neutral linkage maps from the brains of reptiles and primitive mammals, ancestors to mankind. Associated questions have been culled from the communication methodologies of those with dissociative personality disorder in order tp probe the link between emotional understanding and language. There are 20 questions. Your answers will be tabulated at the end and your responses measured against our reference group.0

It’s fast and fun, you should check it out here. And remember to take a screen shot of your diagnosis. 0

May I add that this test was one of the creepiest tests I have ever taken. However since my results were partially accurate, I will only say: “I do have some respect for authority.. but yes, I am my own worst enemy“.0

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