ONE year old !

Today..bea* turns 1 year old.. am glad i didn’t miss the date
i would be lying if i said i didn’t learn from blogging..i did..a lot for that matter. i came to know new friends whom i care for now, and learned a simpler life that exist here
from time to time i felt like closing this page; just leave it thinking by then that i would grow up..and simply get a life. but it turns out that this life couldn’t be *that* bad.. and since i don’t blog *daily* there was no case !
when i go through the old posts feels like more than a year to me..there is this gap between who i was and am now..whether for better or worse .. i guess I’ll go figure !
there were times that writing about something made sense.. but knowing that whoever reads it *will not* get that same idea you meant; doubles the effort 🙂
but,i enjoyed the ride so far and althogh i do not remember why i opened this blog.. i know i want to keep it !



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