missing my pencils!

i used to draw and design clothes..well i still do, but not as often as before.
these were done ages ago..back in 2001-2004 😦
only the last one is 2008 inspired!

i might upload the guys drawings i have :S

and Yes ..i stopped drawing people with complete face figures!


5 thoughts on “missing my pencils!

  1. @ رادار| محمد
    تسلم 🙂 و ناويه أبري الأقلام قريبا ان شاء الله
    الحمد لله بخير ..انتا اللي غايب
    فتره الانشغال بالبحوث و مرمطه الدراسه ..تلاقيك عارف قصدي:)

    منهم لله :-<


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