Hello World !

well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything worth talking about.. the last time i really felt like writing was ..mmm..i don’t recall seriously..anyhow..i’ve been through alot wallah..like passin’ a course that damaged half of my brain just thinking of its final exam;9 ..but el7amdellah i passed and it felt really good 😉

* the short semester went good as well..but was kinda tough at its end coz ma brother had an accident that was really scary..el7amdellah he’s doing much much betta now 🙂 ..

* i enjoyed ma holiday..thanks to some new friends i met..i spent a week or so laughing my guts out ..its been a while since i really felt light..

* despite everything and anything.. i figured that if i allowed my self to be happy I’ll find 100+ reasons to be so..
its awesome 🙂

till da next time world …be happy !


2 thoughts on “Hello World !

  1. hey bea ,
    has anyone told you before that your blog is sorta different ? I like that and I enjoyed reading you the 1st time I was here.I just saw the link in your siggy and I was like ” I remmber ( he/she) writes good stuff. It’s sad that you don’t write very often.

    we have got plenty of hours for such distinguished blogs , but do
    they have even a min for us?

    stay well,
    Deja vu


  2. hello dear deja vu,
    and by the way ur name sounds and means nice^^

    thanks alot..i liked yours pretty much as well..at least you write great stuff..worth reading ^^
    i kind of seem to lose interest in blogging..i do wanna keep it though^^

    but for now i wanna focus on other stuff..improving my writings is on top of my list^^

    true said..alot of them only read their besteies blogs..

    which leave us with this”gotta a min.?”

    but comeon..i really dont care..

    thanks again for passin’

    i’ll be in ur page soon*hug*


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