Snap Shots:

*I’ve always stood for animal rights.always. like whenever someone was about to hit an ant or even a cockroge I was the one to talk them out *it didn’t work most of the time* and the poor thing ended up flushed or thrown *not buried*some where ,but at least I tried. I was there for them even when I was the victim sometimes. I used to say I was *kissed* by an ant not*bitted*, and I respected them seriously.I don’t like hitting or hurting them in anyway cuz I know they understand us and appreciate it loads whenever someone stands for them. I feel they have the rights I have.I hate whoever messes with my place or steps on me while am doing my damn own business…and I guess so do they.I mean I would be killed if I was in their shoes*if they have any* but they are too small to be taken seriously. isn’t ?!

Just like the rest of us !

* No am not done talking about other small creatures yet.last night I was peacefully watching heroes season 2 episode 2*yeah am way behind* and just couple of hours before I tried to find a lil’ creature that was making annoying sounds around my dorm room. so I started looking but I just couldn’t trace it. these creatures move damn fast yaw.but I was glad that I chased it out of my room at least*it ended up in my roommate place*haha>>that laugh didn’t last long though.
so when everyone was asleep..i was still hooked on with the series and that was when I started watching the second episode and its title was
what a nice coincidence ?!>>hold that thought. the moment I read the word ..not even reaching the z letter…here it was my most unwelcome guest looking at me>>the lizard I’ve been chasing around… funny huh?!

Then they say..its just a #@%*# animal !
Believe me when I say..these Lil’ creatures are way clever than some of us..

But hey..lizards don’t know how ta read..omg!! do they?!
how did mine show up when its name was mentioned..oh crap..too much thinking u think?!

p.s: it’s still there..somewhere under ma bed*sighs*

One thought on “Snap Shots:

  1. كنت أريد أن أعلق بالإنجليزية ، لكن مع الأسف لست ماهراً لتلك الدرجة فيها …

    غريب اهتمامك الشديد بهذه المخلوقات ، ألا تعتقدين أن هذا سيتعبك كثيراً ، خاصة وأن البعض متخصص في القضاء عليها 🙂

    هل تفكر مثلنا ؟؟!!
    سؤال لايمكن الإجابة عليها بالنفي أو الإثبات ، لماذا ؟؟؟ لأننا ببساطة لانعرف

    هذه زيارتي الأولى
    مدونتك أنيقة الشكل

    في آمان الله


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